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The Green Lama show is an adventure series broadcast shortly in 1949. The Green Lama was an American pulp magazine hero- a costumed crime fighter- of the 1940s.

The Green Lama, Jethro Dumont, is a rich businessman who resides in the New York City. As an aspiring Buddhist, Jethro Bumont travels to Tibet in order to become a lama (Buddhist Spiritual Teacher). Endowed with superhuman powers, Bumont fights for justice and helps those who are wronged. Although the series was short-lived on the air, it's an excellent production with great sound effects and well-told story lines.

Show Name Date Aired
Adventure of the Perfect Prisoner August 20, 1949
The Last Dinosaur July 3, 1949
The Million Dollar Chopsticks June 26, 1949
The Man Who Never Existed - Audition May 17, 1949
The Man Who Never Existed June 5, 1949

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